Structural Engineering for Subdivisions

Save up to 20% in construction materials and labor costs for 10 to 1000+ subdivision units

Receive innovative solutions for your project that cut costs without sacrificing quality or safety. My designs will help you meet code and build safe units while eliminating waste because I never overdesign. I also work to help you find the most cost-effective structural design to meet your goals for your new subdivision. 

Many engineers copy and paste the same designs without looking at the unique elements of every project. This approach can make some aspects of a structure overly conservative and expensive.  EA Structural Engineering offers a different approach, one that can save you up to 20% on the entire project.  When there are elements of the structure that are conservatively designed, it’s for a reason.

Forward your site plan and drawings and receive an optimized structural design, that includes framing and foundation specifications for the gravity and lateral design. Your solution will be uniquely suited to your project and goals, and will allow you to build and move forward with confidence.


Examples of services I can provide:

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Early Project Guidance

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Conceptual Structural Design

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Feasibility Studies

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Value Engineering

Embrace Sustainable Design

I support continued efforts towards sequestered carbon and net zero energy in my designs. If you want to provide sustainable units, EA Structural Engineering can help.

I’ve pledged a commitment to participate in the SE 2050 Challenge to transform the practice of structural engineering in a way that is holistic, project-based, data-driven, and firm-wide. 

Working with my firm will help you to promote your units as a sustainable choice, offering another benefit to potential buyers.

Build Environmentally Resilient Structures

Build structures that are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s climate and geological conditions. 

Gain a reputation for creating quality units that will last. My solutions ensure every structure in your subdivision will be resistant to high gravity snow loads, high wind loads, and/or high seismic loads.

What My Clients Say

“EA Structural Engineering truly embodies the essence of professionalism, competence, and conscientiousness, making every collaboration with their exceptional team an absolute delight. With a wealth of experience working alongside various engineering firms, I can confidently vouch for Erin’s unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication as my trusted structural engineer. Notably, her steadfast commitment translates into consistently prompt project deliveries, meticulous adherence to, or even undercutting, budgetary constraints, and, notably, an unyielding determination to secure invaluable cost savings for our clients right from the project’s inception. I wholeheartedly recommend EA Structural Engineering for their exceptional services and dedication to delivering outstanding results.”


The Process

We’ll follow this step-by-step process to make your subdivision a success.

  1. Email the plans for review.
  2. I’ll send you a proposal.
  3. If the proposal works for both of us, accept and sign the contract and pay your retainer.
  4. I conduct my site visits at stages when they are required. I return the design to you so that your project may proceed.
  5. If the project has special design conditions and the design deviates from the standard construction, I’ll reach out to the contractor ahead of time so they are aware and there are no surprises in the field.
  6. If your project requires structural observations or special inspections during the construction phase, I’ll schedule those visits at your convenience and will ask for two business days notice. 
  7. You can count on me to stay in touch with you through every phase of the project.

Why trust EA Structural Engineering with your subdivision project?

My subdivision experience and qualifications:

  • I have experience engineering the Gilded Springs subdivision in Grass Valley, CA.
  • I’ve handled hundreds of timber-framed residential projects, in which I’ve developed efficiencies to reduce materials.
  • My coursework at UC Davis included life cycle assessments (LCAs), structural material optimization, sustainable design, and sequestered carbon implementation strategies.
  • I’m a SEONC and ACI member.
  • I stay on top of industry news and structural innovations to design with sequestered carbon.

Communication Counts 

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I answer all phone calls and reply to most simple email or text inquiries instantly. More complex inquiries will receive a reply in no more than 24 hours.

Your subdivision project is important to me, and you’ll know that by the way I treat you and your team. I won’t become a bottleneck in your process or a source of lost time or money. 

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Start Your Subdivision Project

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Ready to get started with your next subdivision project?