The California based structural engineering firm that can reduce your material and labor costs by 20%

How EA Structural Engineering is different

  • You’ll pay less for material and labor because we avoid the inefficiencies and waste caused by copy/ paste engineering.
  • You’ll receive custom designs because we spend the time reviewing every project detail and designing exactly for you.
  • You’ll enjoy efficient, responsive construction support.
  • You won’t have to deal with last-minute issues because I am thorough and I plan ahead.
  • You’ll receive my expertise and keen eye for identifying problems and devising solutions in the early stages, when fixing those issues is still relatively inexpensive.

Meet Erin Alders, the Structural Engineer

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Work with an engineer who has a 97% plan check avoidance track record! Receive alterations within 24 hours when plan checks are required. I am detail oriented and thorough because I am here to achieve success for my clients.

I’ve been working in building and construction for over 25 years, and 10 of those years have been spent in the field gaining the first-hand experience it takes to identify and serve client needs. Plus, as a member of SEAONC and other reputable organizations, I ensure that I am always current on industry standards and ready to collaborate with other expert engineers.

My engineering services are available in and around Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn, Placerville, Sacramento, Truckee/Tahoe, and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Structural Engineering Services

road to subdivision

Subdivision Engineering and Design

Save up to 20% in construction materials and labor costs for 10 to 1000+ unit subdivisions. Receive innovative solutions for your project, ensuring savings will not come at the cost of quality or safety.

affordable homes on a hill

Affordable Housing Engineering and Design

Obtain designs that help you build energy-efficient, quality structures without sacrificing construction process efficiency. Avoid budget and timeline surprises with processes meant to keep the project on track.

apartment complex

Multi-Unit, Mixed-Use, and Apartment Residential Engineering and Design

Keep your next apartment or condo project on-track. I combine specialized expertise and skill with genuine investment in your project to ensure that I provide you with favorable solutions for the common construction issues that arise within this vector.

large custom home

Custom and High-End Residential Engineering and Design

Create gorgeous, high-end residential structures while saving tens of thousands of dollars. I look at each detail for each project, avoiding the cost inefficiencies that come with over-engineered, over-designed buildings.

structure with windows

Structural Design

Meet project objectives with thoughtful, intentional, customized evaluation, design, and construction administration processes. I’ll help you spot complex environmental and architectural issues and solve major construction problems before they arise.

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Special Inspections & Structural Observations

Schedule framing and foundation inspections. Receive necessary conformance letters. Work with an engineer who has a keen eye for detecting hidden flaws that the untrained eye can easily miss.

engineering tools

Optimized Structural Design and Value Engineering

While our firm requires a greater initial investment than other firms, I do so with the understanding that I will increase your profits. Our exacting examination of materials and processes cut costs many times over as the project progresses.

potential project site

Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

Stay informed before making costly commitments. Evaluate project alternatives, challenges, and hazards during the site acquisition, project conception, and financing stages. Identify issues early in project planning, when changes may be made at minimum cost.

engineering calculations

Foundation and Framing Calculations

Identify, analyze, and troubleshoot the physical integrity of structures and their foundations and maintain structural integrity with our framing calculations. Available for both residential and commercial buildings.

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Remodels and New Construction

Create something brand new, or gain structural insights for retrofits, decks, solar panels, conversions, and modifications. Ensure total structural integrity, regardless of project needs and goals.

retaining wall under construction

Retaining Wall Design

Support the structural integrity of your project with concrete, CMU, and rockery walls. Increase the stability and longevity of your structure. 24-hour turnaround is available on most designs.

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California License

Over 400 projects completed in California, including projects with high seismic or high Sierra gravity snow loads. I provide feasible and favorable solutions for better building construction given local conditions and needs.

What My Clients Say

“EA Structural Engineering truly embodies the essence of professionalism, competence, and conscientiousness, making every collaboration with their exceptional team an absolute delight. With a wealth of experience working alongside various engineering firms, I can confidently vouch for Erin’s unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication as my trusted structural engineer. Notably, her steadfast commitment translates into consistently prompt project deliveries, meticulous adherence to, or even undercutting, budgetary constraints, and, notably, an unyielding determination to secure invaluable cost savings for our clients right from the project’s inception. I wholeheartedly recommend EA Structural Engineering for their exceptional services and dedication to delivering outstanding results.”