Luxury Residential Structural Engineering

Help Your Clients Save 20% or More on the Materials for Your Next Luxury Home Project

I work hand-in-hand with architects to develop, design, and plan the structural components of high-end homes and buildings.

My experience includes work on a variety of luxury residential projects, including custom homes, ADUs, guest houses or in-law suites, home remodels and additions, and more.

I use my in-depth knowledge of building codes, my creativity, and my expertise as a structural engineer to provide you with a wealth of options for successfully executing any high-performance home project.

I custom-engineer every project to avoid over-designing, which helps cut project costs and ensures your luxury project receives the conscientious attention it requires.

My solutions will make your clients happy by saving up to 20% or more on materials without sacrificing quality.

Where Residential Engineering Meets Architecture

I offer a variety of consulting services that help ensure your final design is safe, structurally sound, high-performing, and cost-effective from a materials and construction perspective. 

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Custom Homes

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Structural Design

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Optimized Structural Design

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Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

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Single Family Residential

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

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Home Remodels

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Home Additions

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Structural Observations

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Special Inspections

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High Seismic

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High Sierra Snow Loads

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Foundation and Roof Load Calculations

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Load-bearing Wall Removal

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Retaining Wall Design

Embrace the Possible

Working on an existing home? I help with remodeling designs as well as new construction projects. I can help with additions, load-bearing wall removals, and retaining wall design.

Together, we’ll craft your client’s home into the breathtaking dreamscape it was meant to be, honoring the land where the dwelling sits and the vision you and your clients bring to the table.

I bring my creativity and my expertise into every project I execute. My designs account for construction sequencing and materials to avoid providing an over-engineered or pedestrian product.

For example, instead of unnecessarily adding to the project plans and budget with steel construction, my approach focuses on strategically planning the weight distribution in a building, taking the overall architectural design into account. With this method, sometimes costly steel construction can be avoided.

I am also approached for and provide second opinions and redesigns.

Engineering for Sierra Nevada Lifestyles and/or High Seismic Locations

I help my clients engineer for inevitable environmental strains while avoiding unwieldy, monotonous, costly, or unattractive elements.

  • Roof load and foundation calculations that are ready to withstand high Sierra snow loads.
  • Exquisite details such as custom timber trusses capable of withstanding high Sierra gravity loads, or expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that are capable of withstanding high seismic stress and/or high Sierra gravity loads.

My deep understanding of building codes and experience as a structural engineer allows me to give your clients options. For example, I can help you design to a high performance that will sustain minimal damage after a seismic event. I can also show you the advantages of designing to code. You’ll enjoy several options and will be given a thorough understanding of the risks and rewards of different design choices

What My Clients Say

“EA Structural Engineering truly embodies the essence of professionalism, competence, and conscientiousness, making every collaboration with their exceptional team an absolute delight. With a wealth of experience working alongside various engineering firms, I can confidently vouch for Erin’s unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication as my trusted structural engineer. Notably, her steadfast commitment translates into consistently prompt project deliveries, meticulous adherence to, or even undercutting, budgetary constraints, and, notably, an unyielding determination to secure invaluable cost savings for our clients right from the project’s inception. I wholeheartedly recommend EA Structural Engineering for their exceptional services and dedication to delivering outstanding results.”


The Process

We’ll follow this step-by-step process to make your subdivision a success.

  1. Forward the plans for review.
  2. I’ll send you a proposal.
  3. We’ll spend time discussing the proposal to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your project.
  4. If the proposal works for both of us, accept and sign the contract and pay your retainer.
  5. I’ll conduct site visits at stages when they are required.
  6. I’ll complete the design while remaining in touch with you through every phase of the project.
  7. You reap the rewards of providing your clients with a perfectly engineered, cost-effective solution to their luxury home projects.

Why work with EA Structural Engineering for your luxury home project?

Local architects work with me for residential engineering because I provide thoughtful, customized solutions for every project.

  • I have extensive experience with custom home projects in Lake Tahoe, Nevada City, and the Bay Area.
  • My specialty is thoroughness to reduce materials costs.
  • My coursework at UC Davis included life cycle assessments (LCAs), structural material optimization, sustainable design, and sequestered carbon implementation strategies.
  • I’m a SEONC and ACI member.
  • I stay on top of industry innovations to ensure my clients continue to reap the benefits of the latest advances in structural engineering.

Collaborative Solutions for Every Residential Engineering Project

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I work closely with you and your clients to realize your vision while ensuring the end result will withstand tests of time and troubles.

I also answer all phone calls and reply to most simple email or text inquiries instantly. I take care of more complex inquiries in no more than 24 hours. I know that time is money, so I make sure I give your project prompt attention throughout the process.

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Gain Valuable Structural Insights Today

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